Nothing gets done with you around

Title: Nothing gets done with you around
Rating: Teen
Series: Red Dead Redemption, Sex Pistols
Pairings/Couples: John Marston/Fujiwara Shirou
Part of: ABO Universe/Wolves without Teeth:  Set before Unskilled kisses are no problem
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
Summary: It’s totally normal to blame someone else for being distracted, right?
Notes: Based off a prompt that I can’t remember or find.  Pretty much the prompt was the dialogue “I can’t get anything done when you’re around.”

“God,” John sighed, eying Shirou, “I can’t get anything done when you’re around.”  He huffed out, pushing hair off his head in frustration. He would have wondered where his hat had gone to if not for the fact that Shirou was wearing it.  John would keep it to himself that he liked the fact that Shirou was wearing his hat and covering the Omega in his scent.

It was only morning, still early, his nerves were on edge and had been since he had woken up.

His words weren’t exactly the truth nor were they fully lies as well.  The teenager had been following around like his shadow once more and while he used to it by now didn’t mean that it actually made him happy.  If anything, it turned him on, something that angered him. Here he was lusting after a teenager, his boss’s son. Even if the teen was eager and getting close to the age of consent.  He had tried to steer Shirou to someone his own age.

Didn’t help that his jealousy would flare up and take over whenever he thought about the young Omega with an Alpha that wasn’t him.

“Why not?”  Came Shirou’s question, kneeling on the ground and reaching for the tool box that sat between them.

“You’re so… distracting,” John confessed, standing up to his full height and causing Shirou to look up at him.

“I should say the same thing,” Shirou murmured, a smile teasing at the male’s lips, “You’re very distracting, John.  Either here or back in school, my mind seems to find you. I still get work done and so do you. You’re not giving yourself much credit, John.”

Shirou pushed himself to his feet, pulling off the hat to hand it back.

“Thank you for let me wear your hat.  And maybe your shirt,” the pluck at the front of the shirt Shirou wore.

“I thought something was off,” the shirt had gone missing a few days before.

“Yeah, I like smelling like you.”

John watched as Shirou turned away, whistling to himself.  

“Keep that in mind, John,” Shirou tossed over his shoulder with a smile.

Feeling the heat rush up his cheeks, John placed his hat on his head and went back to his work.  His mind now on Shirou’s words and the warmth they provided.



Unskilled kisses are no problem

Title: Unskilled kisses are no problem
Rating: PG-13 (Underage)
Series: Red Dead Redemption, Sex Pistols
Pairings/Couples: John Marston/Fujiwara Shirou
Part of: ABO Universe/Wolves without Teeth:  Set (way) before I find myself running to you instead of away
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
Summary: Unsure kisses and an underaged Omega, what could go wrong?
Notes: Based off a kiss prompt, When one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure-” and they answer by kissing them more.  I have several kiss prompts, these are the more innocent drabbles 🙂

John was anything but nervous.  At least, that’s what he told himself.  He wasn’t used to being nervous, the feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty that ran through him.  Feelings that were gathering inside him, emotions that he had been denying himself. All because a fifteen year old Omega that had snuck out of his room, interrupting a drink that he had been looking forward to all day.

Now, he had said Omega in his lap and unskilled lips on his.

He was far from a virgin, having bed both Omegas and Betas, unsure to where to put his hands on an underaged Omega.  He knew that Shirou had a crush on him, could see it on Shirou’s face whenever the young Omega saw him.

“John,” Shirou pulled back, lips wet and swollen.

John swallowed thickly and knew exactly where to put his hands.

“I’m sorry,” Shirou apologized as John stayed silent, “I’m sure you don’t want-“

Cutting off Shirou’s words by fisting a hand against the back of Shirou’s head with one hand and upping the other against the swell of Shirou’s ass.  Taking control of the kiss, slipping his tongue past parted lips. He couldn’t stop the rumbling of pleasure in his chest, nipping at the Omega’s bottom lip.

This-this is what he wanted, unable to deny it any longer.  The adoration that Shirou always showed him, from the time he had met the Omega to now.  Kindness and chances that he would never had a chance to experience if he had never gotten hired.

It was wrong, he knew, to want an underaged Omega.  But heaven help him, he was happy to have Shirou wriggling on his lap

Pulses are nothing to worry about

Title: Pulses are nothing to worry about
Rating: PG-13
Series: Red Dead Redemption, Sex Pistols
Pairings/Couples: John Marston/Fujiwara Shirou
Part of: ABO Universe/Wolves without Teeth:  Set further into John & Shirou’s relationship
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
Summary: When someone fucks you so hard
Notes: Based off a NSFW prompt, and I couldn’t help myself.  I’ve got many drabbles to type up, both of this pairing and others.  I’m still writing, really slow. But with summer fast approaching, I’m hoping to get more typed up and posted.

He let his head fall to the pillow, the fabric clinging to is skin as sweat started to dry on his body.  The warmth that John had provided when the Alpha had slid inside of him was now leaving, feeling his lover pull out of his body.  Groaning both in relief and regret, all he wanted to do was just to just burrow deep into the blankets and fall asleep. He could clean himself up later, once he was able to sleep, even if it made him itchy later.

Burrowing his head in the pillow, Shirou closed his eyes and tried to let sleep overtake him, ignoring the way the bed dipped next to him.

“Hey,” the shake of his shoulder an his arm being lifted, forcing Shirou to open his eyes.

“Why are you checking my pulse?”  Shirou asked, eyeing John and the twitching of the Alpha’s lips.

“Well,” John drawled, pressing his fingers against Shirou’s wrist, looking intently a him with worry in his dark eyes, “I thought for sure I fucked you to death.”

Shirou started, tempted to throw off John’s hand.  Instead, he settled for throwing the pillow at his Alpha.

“Oh fuck off, John,” Shirou laughed, pulling his lover down to give he older man a kiss.  “Though I won’t say no if you want to actually try it,” he smiled against John’s lips.

Admin note

I have a lot of drabbles to type up.  None of them are super long, but I enjoyed writing them.  Both Sex Pistols, Red Dead Redemption and Dishonored (though actually after Death of the Outsider),  I’m entertaining the idea of a Red Dead Redemption/Sex Pistols/Dishonored crossover.  I’ve started it, but slowly working on it.

Please keep on reading 🙂