Still here

I hope it doesn’t look like I’ve abandoned writing, I haven’t.  I started a new job back at the end of January.  I have stories written in my notebook, I just haven’t sat down to type them out.  

Looking back, there are some fics that have been abandoned and will most likely stay that way, especially the Yonekuni/Shirou/Oushou one.  I cannot go back and finish it.  I wish I hadn’t wrote the non-con/rape.  That is territory that i dont want to ever explore again.

I am also aware that the newer stories that I’ve written are completely different to the style I used to write it.  I do lack the confidence that the older stories had, but I am trying.  Especially the idea of an Older Shirou and a younger Yonekuni.  My crossovers are on hold (kinda), but I hope to get back into the swing of things with them as well.

Your confusion makes me want to smile

Title: Your confusion makes me want to smile
Rating: Teen
Series: Sex Pistols
Pairings/Couples/Characters: Fujiwara Shirou, Madarame Yonekuni
Part of: Sex, Spies and other small lies
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
For: Stephanie, who has been cheering me one and helping me so much with this universe
Summary:  Yonekuni knows what he wants and what he wants is the one who saved him (it’s love/lust at first sight).  Poor Shirou just wants to get stitched up and find out what the hell is going on.
Notes: Both Yonekuni & Shirou are OOC.  I love picturing Yonekuni falling in love at first sight, almost like how Shirou had been in the manga.  Eager to be close to him and just saying whatever comes to his mind while Shirou more calm/stoic.  This was originally going to just be in the Archer Universe.  But after thinking about it, it’s going to feature some characters, especially Malory Archer (who is Shirou’s boss).  But that will be in later parts, not at this moment.  I’m extremely sorry that it’s taking me so long to get this out.  I haven’t given up on writing, I’ve just been sucked into playing Skyrim that I’ve logged over way too many hours (best guess is 200 or so).  That’s the only excuse I have 😦

He had expected a hospital to be constantly busy with emergencies, crying children and the possibility of a strong sterile scent.  At least, that’s what he always pictured how it was supposed to be and what television has shown.  This one, though, lacked the constant bustle and the crying children.  It had the strong and slightly overpowering sterile scent.  But it was the near silence that bothered him, reminding him that this wasn’t a normal hospital, not one that serviced the public at least.  Going by the numerous security cameras that dotted the ceiling  of the building.

Yonekuni slouched in the chair, wondering if he had made a mistake, having insisted on going with him after being questioned by the police.  But having witnessed what he had always believed to be a myth, of seeing the strength that rolled off of the older man’s body, had him sticking his foot in his mouth.

The ringing of his phone broke the silence of the hallway, a glance down to see the number he had called well over an hour ago.  Wetting his lips, he answered the phone in mid ring.  Before he could open his mouth to greet Karen, the older woman swore in his ear.

“You leave a haste and vague message for me, something that just doesn’t make any sense.  Before that, I get a call for your school because you’ve been suspended because you and a female classmate of yours were caught screwing in an empty class-”

“That’s not my fault, you know,” Yonekuni interrupted, knowing he had to choose his words carefully.

“Well, getting caught with the girl was.  But the damn school’s heater broke during the day, do you know how fucking cold it is here?  I was just trying to get my body heat,” he tried to explain, sitting back in the uncomfortable chair, kicking his feet in boredom.  “What kind of private school doesn’t take care of their heater?  This wasn’t my idea, remember?  I would rather be home.”

“And now you got caught up in some sort of gun fight?”  Karen continued as though he hadn’t interrupted her.  Which, he knew if she was focused on something, it was most likely that she didn’t hear him.

“What kind of trouble are you getting into over there?  I thought having you at that school would at least help curb your out of control sex drive.”

Huffing out a groan and sliding down the chair a little, Yonekuni listened as she continued before he tried once more in the hopes that she would at least hear him out.

“You wouldn’t believe what I saw though,” he sighed out, knowing a smile wanted to break through at the memory.  “He just knocked into me and this- his soul,” taking a deep breath at the warmth that filled him and the racing of his heart.  He wondered if this is what girls feel when they talk about love at first sight.  It wasn’t something he had believed in, but the racing feeling when he caught a glimpse of Shirou’s soul.  The warmth of a touch and the focused attention the man had given during the situation.

Yonekuni swallowed and hoped what he was feeling wouldn’t be picked up through the phone.  If Kunimasa found out he started crushing on someone he had just met, let alone a guy, he would never hear the end of it.  His mother, on the other hand, would be the one to help him get what he wanted.  Even if her methods weren’t fully “legal”.

“You found him,” a near silent statement as Karen came to the realization that he had found the one that set his soul aflame.

Yonekuni gave a sound of agreement.  A feeling such as this rarely happened, everyone scrambling and struggling to find the one that settles their soul and he had found his.  Only a little moment between them and he could feel the mixture of calmness and the excitement over the whole ordeal.

“Karen, you should’ve seen him.  I-” Yonekuni swallowed past the growing lump in his throat, biting down on his cheek before the other end spoke up, her voice soft and reassuring.

“If you saw his soul, Yonekuni, you need to keep this to yourself.  You’ll put him in danger by spreading this.  If Makio gets a hold of this kind of information, who knows what kind of hell she’ll raise if she ever finds out,” Karen warned, leaving Yonekuni glad that he was alone so no one could see the wince that crossed his face.

Karen had been his second phone call, but she was the first to respond to his message.  His first was left on his mother’s voicemail and the admission of what he witnessed in the hopes that he could use his mother’s influence to get Shirou to notice him.

Under the watchful eye of the security cameras, Yonekuni listened as he pushed himself to his feet, pacing along the small waiting room.  Nodding to himself as the Karen spoke, Yonekuni turned on his heel and moved past the empty chairs, down the sterile hallway towards the door he had watched the older male being escorted into earlier.  Listening quietly, he could hear the muffled voices as he gave Karen a quick goodbye before ending the call and slipping it back into his pocket.

Taking a deep breath and steadying himself, Yonekuni didn’t bother to knock and opened the door, slowly and softly enough to not alert the two.  Catching the hissing of pain and the clip of scissors, Yonekuni caught sight of the older male and the way only one set of eyes darted towards him and back to the doctor, the only indication that Shirou gave to his intrusion.

Shirou clenched his teeth as fingertips touched the raw area, cleaning the few stitches before stepping back, allowing him to slip his glasses back on.

“You’re lucky that it’s only a graze, so close to having it pierce your skull,” the knowing look the doctor gave him, the one that he and his coworkers were known to frequent when they were injured on the job, which was quite a bit going by the quirking of lips.  “You’re usually not this clumsy to get this close.  Something like this would be the result of Ms Kane or most likely Mr Sterling’s dealings.”

The wave of a hand as latex gloves were removed and tossed into the trash, Shirou gave him a half shrug and appeared to look down at his feet all the while glancing upwards through his lashes at the half opened door and the blond head peaking in.

“To be honest, I have no clue in hell as to what’s going on.  I can’t get anything out of the local authorities and I really don’t want to know.  This was supposed to be a vacation, something I’ve been wanting for a long time.  And you know how Malory won’t hand out vacations unless there’s something in it for her.”

Shirou huffed out a breath, knowing he’d have to turn water into wine before he’d be able to wrangle something sort of rest from the older woman in the future.

The sound of the door fully opening as the teen stepped in.  Hints of color to the blond’s cheeks resumed, flushing darkly when he caught his blue eyes.

“They were most likely after me,” the teen stepped further in, closing the door behind him.  “My brother and I have been targeted by them before, I just didn’t think they’d find me here.”

Shirou eyed him, scowling at the “innocent” look the blond wore before sighing and turned back to the doctor, who wore sympathetic understanding look.

“Such luck that your vacation is interrupted like this,” Shirou caught the teasing tone of the doctor’s voice and the laugh before he turned.  “I’ll contact Malory for you, so you won’t have to deal with her.  I do believe that you’re gonna be pulled into something not even Archer- well, maybe he would enjoy it.”

Another chuckle as the man made his way past the teenager, giving him a sly look before closing the door for their privacy.

Cursing his luck, Shirou gave the teen a look.

“So they were after you and not me,” a brief nod, exhaustion catching up to him, which seemed to happen as of late.

“Why don’t you explain somethings to me.  To start with, who are you?  Why, if these people were wanting to kidnap you, why bother shooting?  And why are you still here?  Shouldn’t you be home right now?”

Eyes that darted to him and away, the scent of the male’s pheromones that he must be unknowingly releasing had Shirou biting down on his cheek to keep from saying anything.  It would be best to not try to embarrass the younger madararui.

Yonekuni could feel the older male’s gaze on him as he started to fidget in place, unsure if he should take a seat or just continue to stand.  The sound of defeat from Shirou, telling him to sit on the only chair.

“I can’t go home because I’m at school abroad for this very reason.  See, my brother and I come from a very prestigious family and because of our status of being from this family and heavyweights, we’ve been targeted by kidnappers before.  My brother stayed in Japan to be closer to the family and I was chosen to go to school here,” he rolled his eyes, enjoying the fact he could vent a little while being able to explain.

“I would have preferred to go where it’s always warm, it would’ve been better on everyone,” the snort from the bandaged male, he could feel a smile cross his lips.  “Anyway, I don’t think they would have found me if I hadn’t been suspended for being caught screwing to keep warm.  They want me for breeding, kinda like what my mom does.”

“Who is your mom?”  Shirou asked, a look on his face telling him he was already dreading the answer to his question.

“Madarame Makio, which makes me Madarame Yonekuni,” Yonekuni gave Shirou a small smile before he noticed the color draining from his face and the tensing of shoulders, fingers curling around the paper lining of the bed.  “What’s wrong?”

“Madarame?  Makio?  Shit, shit, SHIT!”

The clanging of metal, the rush of a body towards a phone that lay on the counter as it started to ring and vibrate, the name of a person flashing across the touch screen as the device continued to ring.

“I really don’t want to answer that,” the groan as teeth worried a bottom lip, eyes watching the blinking screen.

The fact that the male’s voice sounded like he wanted to give up and not answer the phone, fingers swiped to answer and like a switch, professionalism took over.  A brief and one sided, almost silent, conversation before the phone was held out towards him.  While Shirou’s expression was nearly blank, eyebrows drawn down just enough to light the fight in grey eyes.

Yonekuni took the offered phone, hearing the slight accented voice of an older woman, as she congratulated him on hiring a new bodyguard.

A bodyguard that was standing across from him, something inside told him that being his bodyguard wasn’t what Shirou was expecting.

Hello gunshots, goodbye plans

Title: Hello gunshots, goodbye plans
Rating: PG-13
Series: Sex Pistols
Pairings/Couples/Characters: Fujiwara Shirou, Madarame Yonekuni
Part of: Sex, Spies and other small lies
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
Summary:  It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation and here he was, being shot at for no reason.  And it didn’t help that this teenager can’t get over himself.  He’s regretting this vacation location already.
Notes: A set of drabbles that are based on the series “Archer” (in fact, Archer and Sex Pistols takes place in the same universe.  I took liberties with Shirou’s pistols, which are based on Ray Gillette’s pistols.  No knowledge of Archer necessary), where Shirou is a spy/covert agent and gets mixed in with a teenager who just wants to fuck him.  Or maybe he falls in love, Shirou won’t go that far and say it.  After all, the few teenagers he’s interacted with tells him that they’re out for fun and not for something serious.  He knows he can’t take the blond seriously, even if said blond wants to be taken seriously.  Yonekuni is roughly 17 in this series while Shirou is 26.  I love me some older bottoms :3

It was supposed to be a smooth, conflict free start of a vacation, one that was well earned and deserved, if he did say so himself.  Shirou had fought tooth and nail for this vacation, something that he wanted so much and his shrewd boss had given in if only to shut him up with the warning of “Enemies tend to strike when your guard is down”.

Now here he was, looking for a place to hide behind while hearing the rapid firing of several guns, the raised voices of panic and cries as people scattered.

Looking over his shoulder to see the position of two of the gunmen, Shirou didn’t notice that jacket clad figure in front of him, walking slowly with their head down until he collided with the figure and the sound of a bullet hitting the concrete just a foot away as he fell.

Cursing under his breath, Shirou didn’t spare the person he had knocked over as he quickly got to his feet and grabbed the person’s arm.  He didn’t have to look over to feel the glare that he was getting as he pulled the person away towards a concrete barrier, vaulting over and taking cover.  Ducking his head as another bullet struck the concrete, hissing in pain as another grazed along the side of his head.

“What the hell is your problem?”

The snarl of a voice as the person huddled away from him, earbuds dangling out of his jacket and the wave of power coming off of him.  Shirou spared him a brief glance, quickly taking in the male’s age before turning back towards the situation at hand, reaching for one of his pistols in the holster under his arm.

“Are you that stuck in your own world that you don’t even notice what’s going on around you?”  Shirou whispered, ducking down once again at the spray of gun fire around them.  Glancing at the teen once more, all he could do was shake his head.  He couldn’t let himself get distracted when his life and others were in danger from some unknown reason.

He couldn’t be shooting off bullets like some of his coworkers, Shirou eyed the two on the roof and wished he had a rifle with a scope just so he could get this over with.  Just his luck that something like this would happen.

“Really,” Shirou muttered to himself as he ducked once more, “I just had to pick Europe for this trip.  Why didn’t I pick somewhere else?  Oh, that’s right,” a quick look over the barrier and the shots that ricocheted off the concrete, sending a spray of debris, “damn coworkers suggested Europe.  What could go wrong, they said.  I should have realized they were laughing at me.”

Shaking his head, he shouldn’t let the frustrations get to him, not if he didn’t want to put an end to this whole thing.  Taking in a deep breath, calming and calling on his soul to guide his aim, he narrowed his eyes as he took aim and fired several rounds in quick succession.  Wincing at the pain in his ears, wondering briefly to why he hadn’t bought silencers for his pistols, at least they weren’t in an enclosed area.  Patting his pocket for an extra magazine he knew he had slipped in before leaving his hotel room, he had enough on him to put a stop to this whole thing without running out.

Still, Shirou took another shot and the sharp cry from high above he knew he had hit the target.  How bad, he didn’t know.  But when a minute passed passed and no more fire came, Shirou slid back down the concrete barrier with a heavy sigh.

Running a shaking hand through his hair, a curse on his tongue at the sting of pain.  Fingers coming up wet with blood, he could hear words being spoken before he looked at the teen who was now staring at him with wide eyes and inching closer.  The control that the blond had was gone and for a brief moment, Shirou could see flashes of the boy’s true soul.  Waves of power and strength that resonated through him, matching him before he pulled his soul back in.  In the fire fight, he had completely forgotten about controlling himself, something he had forgotten more than once during his work.

“Shit,” Shirou chuckled weakly, leaning back and hesitantly resting his head on the concrete as exhaustion crept up on him, “you weren’t supposed to see that.”

He fought to hold back the surprise as the boy moved closer, eyes darting to the gun he held, following as he checked the amount of bullets he had left before slipping his pistol back into his holster.  He fought back the tremble in his body at the touch on his leg and the emotions that came crashing down on him.  Everything that had happened, emotions rising  the blond leaning in just inches from his face, Shirou couldn’t contain the bubbling of laughter when lips brushed against his and the words that followed:

“Let’s fuck.”

This is how his life has turned out, at the age of twenty six getting shot at for no reason, even if it was part of the job, something he wasn’t even on.  And being hit on by a teenager.

He knew he’d never hear the end of it if his boss and coworkers caught wind of what was going on with his life.

I could ride this horse, but I’d rather ride you

Title: I could ride this horse, but I’d rather ride you
Rating: PG-13
Series: Red Dead Redemption, Sex Pistols
Pairings/Couples: John Marston/Fujiwara Shirou
Part of: ABO Universe: Set several months after “Don’t make it a habit of mentioning other Alphas”;  This is where the universe splits, where Shirou is determined to prove with everything he has that he wants to be with John.  It’s gonna take everything he has to convince the Alpha that he’s worth it.
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
Summary:  Shirou foolishly tries to “break” a horse and risks his life to impress an Alpha.  Said Alpha isn’t all that impressed.
Notes: Based off the prompt “Don’t you ever do that again”.  As stated above, this story is where the Universe splits.  Shirou doesn’t want to give up what’s growing between them.  He wants to be the one to walk with the Alpha.  He has to convince John that just because he’s younger doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he wants.  He will have everyone against him, after all, how can one of a madararui blood want just a plain human?

It hadn’t been the best idea to let the Alphas and the Betas talk him into this.  Even John had cracked a hint of a smile, which had slid off into a frown of concern as he watched with arms crossed over his chest.  He could hear the encouragement from the ranch hands when he approached the nervous horse, climbing up with little problem as the workers kept their hold on the ropes, moving so they had a better hold on the animal.

It had taken him a few moments to steady his breathing, placing a hand on the animal’s shoulder as he tried to keep from sliding off the stallion’s bareback.  He had let himself be talked into trying to break the animal, while the workers were planning on breaking in the rest of the herd that they managed to corral after the stallion was taken.  Shirou wouldn’t admit that he was trying to show off for a certain Alpha he had been crushing on.

With shaking hands, he grabbed onto the course mane while tightening his legs, startling the nervous horse further, feeling the tensing muscles of the beast below, not realizing that John had started shouting.

At him?

Shirou isn’t sure anymore and at the moment, he didn’t really care as he struggled to stay on as the stallion reared, jerking away and pulling at the ropes, sending the ones who were trying to hold the animal down falling to the ground as the stallion broke free.  For a brief second, Shirou wondered if this was part of breaking the horse before the thought was pushed away as the horse broke free, racing over the fence of the pen and straight into the woods that lined the property.

Cursing his luck, Shirou looked around in the hope that the horse would stop or at least slow down in a less wooded area so he could let his soul slip free and jump off the stallion’s back.  Even if he wouldn’t land on his feet, he would still be better off then falling off unprotected.

Releasing his hold on the horse’s mane and trying to control his racing heart, Shirou sat up and tried to steady himself.  Taking a deep breath, about to close his eyes and force his soul out, he caught the shouting of his name.

The rush of hooves thundering along the ground, Shirou briefly wondered if John could see the hope on his face before giving up on all thoughts as he reached for the gloved hand.  The loud curse as the Alpha fell back before urging the horse on, catching up to them once more.

Reaching and clasping tightly to John’s hand, a sound of relief escaping as the Alpha pulled him off the horse and across his lap.  He had little time for embarrassment as John reined his horse, feeling the horse toss its head before slowing down and the stiffening of John’s body as he tried to sit up, arms that cradled him against his chest and the pounding of a heart he could feel through the John’s clothes.

“What the hell were you thinking?  Getting on an unbroken horse, listening to those fools who enjoyed egging you on.  You could have killed yourself!”

He hadn’t expected to hear anger in John’s voice, nor the mutter that he wasn’t mean to hear, cursing himself out for not putting a stop to the whole thing.  Shirou had expected to be lectured about the dangers of climbing up on the horse, not to be confronted with the Alpha’s anger.  He pushed down the knowledge and what happiness he was feeling, even if he could have been seriously hurt.  The fact that John was getting angry over this was enough to tell him that the Alpha cared for him more than he would say, that he was more than just angry with him.

“I didn’t think-”  Shirou began, licking his bottom lip.

“You didn’t think?  I get that, believe me,” the curl of an upper lip as John looked down at him, “What the hell made you think you could try and break a horse if you never hand any experience in breaking it?”

Shirou pulled away from John, hearing the angry sigh as he slipped off the horse.  The sounds of boots crushing leaves and twigs as John followed him.

“L-look,” Shirou swallowed, finally realizing that his body was trembling, everything that had happened came crashing down.  He risked his life to impress an Alpha he’d been in love with and others who wouldn’t look his way if not for the fact that his parents paid their wages.

In all his life, he had never felt such embarrassment and shame, worse than the embarrassment he felt when he first met John.  And now, the Alpha he adored was lecturing him.

So lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realize that John had stopped speaking and approached him, moving him back against one of the many trees.  The overwhelming scent of concern clouded the male’s natural scent of of smoke and worn leather.

“You scared the hell out of me,” John muttered, looking into his eyes before they darted down, chewing on his bottom lip.  “I just-”

Shirou didn’t let him finish, lifting his head to to catch John’s lips with his own, an impulse that he couldn’t ignore.  The want, the touches he remembered from months before.  The week of being knotted and full, feeling John against his back as he worked his knot in.  Being pressed into the bed with his legs thrown over shoulders as John knelt above him.  Everything that he tried to forget came rushing back, nipping at John’s scarred lips as he pressed against the Alpha.  Enjoying the hiss that escaped as he pulled away, Shirou nuzzled against the underside of John’s chin before scenting the Alpha.

“I tried to forget you,” Shirou confessed as he breathed in John’s scent, savoring the feel of the man’s stubble on his skin.  “Tried others my own age-“

“I thought I told you not to mention other Alphas around me?”  The low growl of John’s voice, being pushed away just enough to wedge a knee between his legs.

“What’s was the point on climbing up on the back of a wild horse?  You-  I should have put a stop to the whole thing,” John dropped his head on Shirou’s shoulder, nosing along his scent gland, it was hard not to whimper and bare his throat to the Alpha.  It didn’t stop a groan from escaping at the feel of stubble scraping his skin, lips almost mouthing at his skin and the barest hint of teeth.

“I just, well,” a hitched sigh as the Alpha pulled back and stepped away, “I just wanted to impress you,”  he could feel the heat crawling up his cheeks.

“By breaking your neck?”  A snort and the shake of a head as brown eyes watched him. “You have big plans, right?  Don’t be going around and doing shit crazy stunts like that.  You got a bright future in front of you,” a small hint of a smile at the corners of John’s mouth.

“You should leave the breaking of horses to those that know what they’re doing,” John had turned as he spoke, never seeing the unintentional hurt that his words had caused.

He didn’t want to be treated like a weak Omega, even if other Omegas did enjoy such treatment, he wasn’t one of them and would prefer to learn hands on.

“Well then,” Shirou started, grabbing the reins of the horse before following John.  “How am I supposed to learn of no one will teach me?”

Watching John’s back, Shirou fought back the smugness, knowing he got the Alpha there.  If he or someone were to teach him, then he would be able to learn and not be lectured again.

“You know I don’t want to be a hindrance to you, John.  So how about you teach me?”

Shirou heard the chuckle before he saw the shaking shoulders.

“After all these years, you’re still a little shit,” John said more to himself than to Shirou, though he was able to hear what the male had said.

“You could either teach me how to break a horse or, you know, I could ride something else,” his tone suggestive and the rolling of eyes as John pinned him with a look.

“So how about it?  Are you busy this week?  Or at least tonight, I would love to have a reminder of riding you” a murmur while he nibbled on his bottom lip, feeling his body thrumming and the smallest trickle of slick escaping.  His heat wasn’t due for at least few more days, having already stopped the heat blockers after he arrived.

Catching the loud sniff and the look that John shot him, Shirou knew the answer already.

Wondering when there will be a time when John saw him as a potential partner, not some teenager who didn’t know how to make up his mind.  It should be pretty obvious to anyone that he prefers being here, on the ranch, instead of being back in his home country.  Always reluctant to leave and missing John and the freedom while he was in school.