Though not everything falls before you, keep your head up

Title: Though not everything falls before you, keep your head up
Rating: Everyone/Teen
Pairings/Characters: Fujiwara Shirou, Jack Marston, hints of John Marston/Fujiwara Shirou, John Marston/Abigail Marston, John/Shirou/Abigail
Series: Red Dead Redemption, Sex Pistols
Part of: Trying something new won’t kill you, until your imagination runs wild.  Set further into John and Shirou’s relationship, and the budding relationship between John, Abigail and Shirou.
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
Warnings: This series completely ignores the ending of Red Dead Redemption, I just want some John and Shirou smut with some sort of plot mixed in.
Summary: The noise of the winter storm waking him up, Shirou knows that he’ll be unable to sleep.  He didn’t expect to be startled by Jack nor was he expecting the questions that make him question the budding relationship.
Notes: I had this idea back in September/October and love the idea of Shirou being invited into the house once the weather starts to become unbearably cold.  I have no excuse to my lateness 😦

The howling of the wind rattled the window in its frame as the ends of branches scraped along the glass planes, leaving the creaking wood of trees struggled against the wind while the house stood firm against the storm.  He could feel the cold seem through the cracks and under the doors despite the fires blazing in the two fire places.

Burrowing deeper under the heavy blanket, Shirou huffed to himself as he tried to ignore the sounds coming from outside.  If he were to strain and listen carefully, he would be able to hear the howling of the wolves that feared to stray close to the property.  Guarded by one who is extremely territorial, able to feel the aura and the scent that would drive them off.  None of the yipping of pups, only the warning howls to each other.

Shirou ignored the ache in his chest as memories of his childhood surfaced.  Being with his parents and carefree, before everything went to shit.  Before his life changed forever.  No longer could he remember the comforting scent of his mother and her kind smile, nor of his father that taught him how to control his soul.

Poking his head out from underneath the blanket, groaning deep at the chill.  There was no way he would be getting back to sleep, not with the memories that haunted him and the echos of his parent’s voices in his head.

It hadn’t been that long since the cold weather descended upon them, the chill in the wind becoming sharper with each day, Shirou took up the offer when John had almost hesitantly brought it up at the time, one morning when the returner to ancestry came to check in early in the morning and noticed the near freezing temperature.  At the time and still now, grateful for the offer, in the spare room across the hall from Jack’s.  His “old room” in the barn was now being taken up by the cattle at night, giving them a little reprieve from the cold and wind.

Trading one lumpy mattress for another left him little room for complaints.  The room in the house was warmer than the barn.  The nights no longer long and miserable, his elevated body heat only going to far before the cold got to be too much.

Sitting up and pulling the blanket with him, Shirou quietly opened the door and stepped into the near silent hallway.  The crackling of the fire flared several times with every gust of wind, brightening the room before becoming dim once more, leaving just enough light.  Pulling the blanket tighter around his body, moving the chair closer to the fire, just close enough to be heated perfectly.

Before he sat down, Shirou grabbed a book that lay forgotten on the small coffee table, skimming his fingers along the worn and soft cover, he couldn’t make out the title of the book before opening it to a random page.  Curling up in the chair, Shirou read.

It didn’t matter that the page he picked was in the middle of the story, nor did it matter that everything seemed like a mess, even if it worked well enough to suck him in.  Losing himself in the words, a story similar to what he was told while growing up.  Stories told to keep children in line and have them listen to their parents, giving them the consequences of disobeying.  One story, told to him after he wandered away from his mother’s side at a market.  The combination of worry and fury in her normal gentle eyes had him listening.  Even his soft spoken father had taken the same tone of voice.

So deep in his memories and thoughts of growing up, he didn’t hear the creaking of the floor underfoot and the dark head that peaked around the corner.  It would be the hand on his shoulder, the jump and the muffled sound of surprise, dropping the book onto the bare floor.

“Jack?”  Shirou whispered, trying to control his breathing and the racing of his thoughts at being startled by the younger man.  It wasn’t like him to get startled as such.

“Sorry,” Jack whispered back, giving him a little shrug before stepping away from him and closer to the fire, a blanket pulled around his body for warmth, “I didn’t mean to startle you.  I would’ve thought you heard me.”

Biting his lower lip, Shirou swallowed back a question, reaching down to pick up the book that he had dropped.

“Can I ask you something?”  Jack broached, almost hesitant, something Shirou hadn’t thought the teenager wouldn’t be.

Giving Jack a nod, silently telling him to continue.  He should tell Jack that he shouldn’t be afraid to ask him any questions.

“I know you don’t talk much about your family, but what was it like?  Back in your home country?”  Jack paused, gathering his thoughts as though not to offend.

“Why do you stay here?  I mean, this country alone is so huge, but you have the whole world to explore.  You could live anywhere.”

Shirou paused for a moment, seeing the look of curiosity on Jack’s face.  It wasn’t a secret that the boy wanted to see the world beyond Blackwater and the surrounding areas.  The fact that the young man across from him just wanted to explore, not to be stuck here where nothing seemed to happen.

“From what I’ve seen and while it’s not much as to what other’s have seen, there’s just something that draws me here,” Shirou confessed, pulling his legs up to wrap his arms around his knees.

“You mean my father,” the whispered words he wasn’t supposed to hear.  It wasn’t hard to recall the look on Jack’s face when he had found out about his relationship with both John and Abigail.  Twisted as it was, the relationship worked in a way that Shirou could only would continue.

“Well, yeah,” Shirou sighed softly, “during my travels there have been some who were nice enough, I suppose.  But John, he was the only that saw me for me, I guess if I had to explain it.  Offering me a chance when I asked.”  Shirou smiled to himself, worrying the inside of his cheek for a second before looking at the dark haired teen.  “The fact that you, yourself and your mother treat me so swell.”

“The overwhelming feeling of being home, Jack.  That, the feeling of home, I miss it so much,” he tore his gaze away to blink away the tears that started to fill his vision.  “I-” a hitched breath, licking his bottom lip in nervousness.

“I’m not accusing you of anything, Shirou, I’m just surprised is all.  I don’t know what you see in my father,” the teenager shrugged his shoulders, hunching forward as though to hide away from him before staring into the fire.  “You seem to get him to calm down.  A lot.  It’s something that ma’s been wanting-  You’re not trying to break up my family, are you?  They’re finally happy.”

Shirou could feel the heavy words, that heavy gaze of Jack as he watched the play of emotions on his face.

“I would never do anything of the sort.  I would,” Shirou paused, breathing deeply as his heart started to pound, “I would leave.  Pack up and leave this place I consider home before anything like that.  Move on.  Jack, I never-” a shuddering breath, realizing that his body was trembling.  He tried to calm himself down, the biggest of his fears pushing to the front of his mind.

“Your family has been so good to me, I-” he stared down at his hands, his attempt to calm himself down failing.  Toughed skin and built up calluses, tiny scars that dotted the tops of his hands and his fingers.  Skin that is thicker than his emotions, able to deal with the brutal elements and unforgiving sun than him sitting there, crushing under the weight of his conscious and the nearly innocent words from Jack.

He didn’t expect the feel of heavy hands on his shoulders nor the scent that had drawn him in weeks and months ago, drowning his senses.

“You should know better by now,” the rough draw as John leaned over the back of the chair, a hand moving with fingers trailing across his shoulders and up towards his neck.  Sliding up and through his hair.  Glancing towards Jack, his eyes down turned and away, cheeks darkening in color with embarrassment, which seemed to be a constant occurrence since finding out about their “arrangement”.

Shirou hoped that his expression wouldn’t give away what he was feeling.  The want and desire for the older man, fighting the guilt he felt for pushing his way into John and Abigail’s relationship.  He was lucky enough that John let him stay.

“What are you both doing up so late?”

The fingers in his hair, turning his gaze to the floor as heat flooded through him, he didn’t see the look that John sent Jack.  If he were to look up, he would catch the mixture of curiosity and warning, possessiveness that he was just starting to find out about the returner to ancestry.

“The noise,” Shirou confessed, dropping his head and pulling away from John’s touch, wrapping the blanket closer.  The warmth from John’s hand had him swallowing past a lump in his throat.  He wanted nothing more than to crawl between John and Abigail, to be cradled between the couple.  Biting down on his lower lip, Shirou’s imagination took over.

The near silent inhaling of a breath, Shirou peeked through his lashes, seeing Jack’s flush darker as he looked anywhere but in front o him.  A mutter that he didn’t catch, footsteps that carried Jack to the other side of the house.

“Jack’s just curious, but don’t let his words bother you,” John comment, fingers lingering along his neck, rubbing against the one spot that usually would drive him to groan out a sound that resembled John’s name before the older male pulled away.

“Both Abigail and myself enjoy you being here.  Besides, you’re over thinking this, not giving yourself credit,” the buttons of long underwear were slipped from the small holes.  A look in John’s eyes told him enough.  Shirou licked his lower lip, pushing himself out of the chair to follow John.

With his senses on fire, he closed the door softly behind him with a soft click.

This one time your mom asked me to impregnate others for money

Title: This one time your mom asked me to impregnate others for money
Rating: Teen
Series: Sex Pistols, Archer
Pairings/Couples/Characters: Fujiwara Shirou, Madarame Yonekuni
Part of: Sex, Spies and other small lies
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
For: Stephanie, who has been cheering me one and helping me so much with this universe
Summary: Frustrated with everything, Shirou sucks it up and lays down some rules.  He has no clue to how much Yonekuni is enjoying this.
Notes: This could be a little dull, but I wanted Shirou have a few basic rules for Yonekuni to follow.  Yonekuni is “excited” for this arrangement while Shirou isn’t.  I know I haven’t written anything, I just haven’t had time to sit down to type up my rough drafts.  I’m two parts head in this universe and a few in my Sex Pistols/Red Dead Redemption universe.  It’s summer now, so I hope I can get some writing done.  Title is a hint of what Makio had Shirou do while he was younger, more will be revealed later.

Struggling to ignore the building of a headache, the sight of the hotel he had checked not so long ago came into view, the sidewalk nearly empty.  The sound of complaining being muffled by the heavy jacket Yonekuni wore, he tsked under his breath.  With the lingering scent of the sterile hospital on his skin, frustrated and the urge to just hang his head in defeat was one of the motivating factors to head back to his room with his charge in tow.  Another would be the follow up call he had gotten from his boss, Malory Archer, explaining in enough detail of what was being expected of him.  The tone of her voice, lit with amusement, though Shirou knew from past experience it was her own amusement.

At him.

The fact that he had to watch Madarame Yonekuni, be at his beck and call, he had to work what missions and assignments that were sent his way.

Despite the fact that Malory was finding his situation funny, he couldn’t help the little bit of pride at the fact that Mallory, someone who rarely praised anyone, told him he was of the few people to complete what was given to him with little blood being shed.  Which, depending on if it was just information that he needed to know or if he was being ordered to take down a person or two.  Shirou, of course, knew that majority of hits that were requested were never sent his way, he was better at retrieving information and classified documents than any of his coworkers.

It shouldn’t have been a shock that Malory was familiar with Madarame Makio.  Money talked and Malory was always eager to get her hands on whatever money came her way.  The heavyweight snake had more than enough to get Malory’s attention.

Shaking his head, and wondering how much of his life seemed to be spiraling out of control.  In the back of his mind, he could hear Malory’s voice and the normal distaste that she sometimes held when she had to deal with him.  At least he didn’t have to be around the woman any further than necessary.  For the most part, he had to deal with her over the phone and email, which made his job much easier.  Holding back a snort, knowing his other coworkers had to deal with her and her micro-managing.

Out of the corner of his eye the bundled blond paused and reached out with a gloved hand, grasping at his jacket and stopped him, words muffled before a sound that resembled a heavy sigh before the scarf was lowered away from lips.

“How do you know my mom?”  The blond’s deep voice, lips red and moist while blue eyes searched his.

Shirou swallowed, tearing his attention away.  He should have expected that question, briefly wondering why the teenager didn’t ask it earlier, considering how he reacted to finding out Yonekuni’s family name.  If he hadn’t had that type of reaction to the Madarame name, considering it wasn’t a common family name, he would have been able to school his reaction and not have to answer Yonekuni’s question.

Giving his lower lip a quick lick, Shirou knew he could lie to his charge.  But given the fact he would be spending a more time than he was comfortable with with the teen, he would most likely pester the hell out of him to find out before resorting to asking Makio.  Which, given how noisy Yonekuni’s mother is, the blond wouldn’t be satisfied with just a basic lie.

“I’ve had the pleasure,” Shirou’s words were hissed out between nearly clenched teeth, the memories of being a teenager after just losing his parents, “of working with your mother in the past.  I never thought she would be able to get a hold of me so easily again.”

He gave Yonekuni a sidelong glance, silently blaming the teen for bringing him to his mother’s attention and well within her grasp.

“She tends to get her way more often than not, and since she’s teamed up with my boss, I’m at her mercy once more,” Shirou blew out a breath, trying not to let his irritation at being back into the snake’s nest show.  The blond didn’t know his history with Makio, didn’t know the trouble he caused since now Makio and Malory were in cahoots together, against him.

“Seeing as I am now bodyguard as well as an agent for Malory, I still have to work missions for her.  I hope you’re prepared,” the slight feeling of triumph that filled him was pushed down by the fact that he had to keep an eye on both his targets and his ward.  More work for him to do, leaving him to gather the intel that he needed and keep the teen safe.

Briefly wondering what he did in his past life to have his world turned upside down, Shirou glanced at the heavyweight once more.  At his side, having no clue as to the inner turmoil that was going through him at this very moment.  Here he was, head throbbing from both the stitches and the growing frustration of everything spiraling out of his control and into those that wanted both money and power.

Reaching into his pocket for his hotel key, Shirou calmed himself.  It wouldn’t do him any good to let his irritation being taken out on the unaware male.

“We’ll discuss this away from prying eyes, Madarame-san,” Shirou kept his tone formal and distant, his eyes watching and catching the faintest changes in the blond’s expression at the use of his family name.  A look up and down the empty hallway behind them, slipping his key inside and unlocking the door.

“If you’ll follow me,” expression blank, holding the door open so the blond could enter before closing the door behind him.  The press of a button, soft light forcing the darkness away and the impressed sound that came from the younger male.  The dead bolt slipped into place, the small peephole was checked before being covered up.  Out of the corner of his eye, Shirou caught Yonekuni hesitated at the plush chair.  Waving his hand towards the piece of furniture.

“Take a seat, I’ll just be a moment,” closing the curtains, he knew he was being overly cautious about everything, he could even hear his coworkers words in his head.  Yet he was able to complete majority of his missions without drawing attention to himself.  His bed still neatly made, items he had left this morning were still in place.  No one but themselves had entered his room.

“So,” a drawl from the teen, detecting the nervousness that the blond was trying not to show, “what’s with all this?” He waved his hands towards all the precautions he was giving, sweeping the room for any planted bugs, even if he knew no one had been in his room.

“Since you’re now under my charge, there’s a lot you need to know,” Shirou explained, grabbing two bottles of water from the mini-fridge, “and no one else.  Your security is top priority and since I also have to continue to take work from Malory Archer while guarding you, everything I’m telling you you need to follow.”

Handing Yonekuni one of the bottles, Shirou took a seat across from Yonekuni.  Cracking the seal of his bottle, taking a drink of the cold water.

Blue eyes watched him intently, something Shirou was used to.  Normally it wouldn’t bother him, but now it made him feel uncomfortable, a sensation of being studied in the way he studied and treated his targets.  Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, he took a deep breath only to release it seconds later.

“It’s obvious that you do need security detail and for whatever reason, you chose me,” a forced smile, his shoulders dropping as the teenager remained quiet, studying him.

“What- no,” a shake of his head, wanting to run his fingers through his hair.

“Since we’ll be spending a lot of time together, there’s some ground rules that you need to learn and follow.”

For the first time since he started talking did the blond show any sort of reaction.  Shirou forged ahead before Yonekuni could speak up and oppose.

“You’ll need to listen to me when it comes to your safety.  If I say go, you go.  Don’t take your time, just go.  Get to cover.  This is extremely important when Malory gives me work and I- you have to come with me.”

“What kind of work?” Yonekuni asked, head cocked a little with a sly smirk playing at his lips.

Shirou pressed his, clenching his fingers around the water bottle, the plastic crinkling.  “You obviously must have an idea, since you were able to contact your mother about me,” he retorted.  “Missions, my work, is to gather intel that could be of further use.  Be it for political or military reasons, they call, I go.  Since I know have to guard you and do this, you’ll be coming along whenever I’m called in.  Be expected to go at the drop of a hat because it can and will happen.”

Another drink of his water, wishing he had taken up the offer for painkillers.  Shirou paused for a moment, also wishing he had taken the bartender’s offer the night before.  At least he would have an enjoyable memory to think about during this.

Finishing the water, Shirou hummed, tossing the empty bottle into the trash before turning his attention back to the blond.  “Because of what I do, you have no say while we’re away.  Can you complain?  Sure, go right ahead.  I don’t care if you do.  I’d imagine you’ll be bored while I’m working, I would prefer it if you stayed in the hotel room.  If you have the urge to move, at least stay in the hotel.  Don’t interfere,” pressing his hand against the plush cushion, Shirou gave Yonekuni a hard look.  “I cannot stress that enough.  You interfere, mention anything or even talk to my targets, they’ll be tipped off and that’ll make my work that much harder.”

“I hope you’re ready to be shadowed everywhere,” he couldn’t help the mocking smirk curl at his lips, wondering how long it would be before Yonekuni vocalized the unfairness.

“You don’t know how much I’m looking forward to it,” came the reply, Yonekuni matching his look.

Silently taking that as a challenge, and while he took his work seriously, he could have a little fun in this whole mess.


Still here

I hope it doesn’t look like I’ve abandoned writing, I haven’t.  I started a new job back at the end of January.  I have stories written in my notebook, I just haven’t sat down to type them out.  

Looking back, there are some fics that have been abandoned and will most likely stay that way, especially the Yonekuni/Shirou/Oushou one.  I cannot go back and finish it.  I wish I hadn’t wrote the non-con/rape.  That is territory that i dont want to ever explore again.

I am also aware that the newer stories that I’ve written are completely different to the style I used to write it.  I do lack the confidence that the older stories had, but I am trying.  Especially the idea of an Older Shirou and a younger Yonekuni.  My crossovers are on hold (kinda), but I hope to get back into the swing of things with them as well.

Your confusion makes me want to smile

Title: Your confusion makes me want to smile
Rating: Teen
Series: Sex Pistols
Pairings/Couples/Characters: Fujiwara Shirou, Madarame Yonekuni
Part of: Sex, Spies and other small lies
Beta: None, all mistakes are my own
For: Stephanie, who has been cheering me one and helping me so much with this universe
Summary:  Yonekuni knows what he wants and what he wants is the one who saved him (it’s love/lust at first sight).  Poor Shirou just wants to get stitched up and find out what the hell is going on.
Notes: Both Yonekuni & Shirou are OOC.  I love picturing Yonekuni falling in love at first sight, almost like how Shirou had been in the manga.  Eager to be close to him and just saying whatever comes to his mind while Shirou more calm/stoic.  This was originally going to just be in the Archer Universe.  But after thinking about it, it’s going to feature some characters, especially Malory Archer (who is Shirou’s boss).  But that will be in later parts, not at this moment.  I’m extremely sorry that it’s taking me so long to get this out.  I haven’t given up on writing, I’ve just been sucked into playing Skyrim that I’ve logged over way too many hours (best guess is 200 or so).  That’s the only excuse I have 😦

He had expected a hospital to be constantly busy with emergencies, crying children and the possibility of a strong sterile scent.  At least, that’s what he always pictured how it was supposed to be and what television has shown.  This one, though, lacked the constant bustle and the crying children.  It had the strong and slightly overpowering sterile scent.  But it was the near silence that bothered him, reminding him that this wasn’t a normal hospital, not one that serviced the public at least.  Going by the numerous security cameras that dotted the ceiling  of the building.

Yonekuni slouched in the chair, wondering if he had made a mistake, having insisted on going with him after being questioned by the police.  But having witnessed what he had always believed to be a myth, of seeing the strength that rolled off of the older man’s body, had him sticking his foot in his mouth.

The ringing of his phone broke the silence of the hallway, a glance down to see the number he had called well over an hour ago.  Wetting his lips, he answered the phone in mid ring.  Before he could open his mouth to greet Karen, the older woman swore in his ear.

“You leave a haste and vague message for me, something that just doesn’t make any sense.  Before that, I get a call for your school because you’ve been suspended because you and a female classmate of yours were caught screwing in an empty class-”

“That’s not my fault, you know,” Yonekuni interrupted, knowing he had to choose his words carefully.

“Well, getting caught with the girl was.  But the damn school’s heater broke during the day, do you know how fucking cold it is here?  I was just trying to get my body heat,” he tried to explain, sitting back in the uncomfortable chair, kicking his feet in boredom.  “What kind of private school doesn’t take care of their heater?  This wasn’t my idea, remember?  I would rather be home.”

“And now you got caught up in some sort of gun fight?”  Karen continued as though he hadn’t interrupted her.  Which, he knew if she was focused on something, it was most likely that she didn’t hear him.

“What kind of trouble are you getting into over there?  I thought having you at that school would at least help curb your out of control sex drive.”

Huffing out a groan and sliding down the chair a little, Yonekuni listened as she continued before he tried once more in the hopes that she would at least hear him out.

“You wouldn’t believe what I saw though,” he sighed out, knowing a smile wanted to break through at the memory.  “He just knocked into me and this- his soul,” taking a deep breath at the warmth that filled him and the racing of his heart.  He wondered if this is what girls feel when they talk about love at first sight.  It wasn’t something he had believed in, but the racing feeling when he caught a glimpse of Shirou’s soul.  The warmth of a touch and the focused attention the man had given during the situation.

Yonekuni swallowed and hoped what he was feeling wouldn’t be picked up through the phone.  If Kunimasa found out he started crushing on someone he had just met, let alone a guy, he would never hear the end of it.  His mother, on the other hand, would be the one to help him get what he wanted.  Even if her methods weren’t fully “legal”.

“You found him,” a near silent statement as Karen came to the realization that he had found the one that set his soul aflame.

Yonekuni gave a sound of agreement.  A feeling such as this rarely happened, everyone scrambling and struggling to find the one that settles their soul and he had found his.  Only a little moment between them and he could feel the mixture of calmness and the excitement over the whole ordeal.

“Karen, you should’ve seen him.  I-” Yonekuni swallowed past the growing lump in his throat, biting down on his cheek before the other end spoke up, her voice soft and reassuring.

“If you saw his soul, Yonekuni, you need to keep this to yourself.  You’ll put him in danger by spreading this.  If Makio gets a hold of this kind of information, who knows what kind of hell she’ll raise if she ever finds out,” Karen warned, leaving Yonekuni glad that he was alone so no one could see the wince that crossed his face.

Karen had been his second phone call, but she was the first to respond to his message.  His first was left on his mother’s voicemail and the admission of what he witnessed in the hopes that he could use his mother’s influence to get Shirou to notice him.

Under the watchful eye of the security cameras, Yonekuni listened as he pushed himself to his feet, pacing along the small waiting room.  Nodding to himself as the Karen spoke, Yonekuni turned on his heel and moved past the empty chairs, down the sterile hallway towards the door he had watched the older male being escorted into earlier.  Listening quietly, he could hear the muffled voices as he gave Karen a quick goodbye before ending the call and slipping it back into his pocket.

Taking a deep breath and steadying himself, Yonekuni didn’t bother to knock and opened the door, slowly and softly enough to not alert the two.  Catching the hissing of pain and the clip of scissors, Yonekuni caught sight of the older male and the way only one set of eyes darted towards him and back to the doctor, the only indication that Shirou gave to his intrusion.

Shirou clenched his teeth as fingertips touched the raw area, cleaning the few stitches before stepping back, allowing him to slip his glasses back on.

“You’re lucky that it’s only a graze, so close to having it pierce your skull,” the knowing look the doctor gave him, the one that he and his coworkers were known to frequent when they were injured on the job, which was quite a bit going by the quirking of lips.  “You’re usually not this clumsy to get this close.  Something like this would be the result of Ms Kane or most likely Mr Sterling’s dealings.”

The wave of a hand as latex gloves were removed and tossed into the trash, Shirou gave him a half shrug and appeared to look down at his feet all the while glancing upwards through his lashes at the half opened door and the blond head peaking in.

“To be honest, I have no clue in hell as to what’s going on.  I can’t get anything out of the local authorities and I really don’t want to know.  This was supposed to be a vacation, something I’ve been wanting for a long time.  And you know how Malory won’t hand out vacations unless there’s something in it for her.”

Shirou huffed out a breath, knowing he’d have to turn water into wine before he’d be able to wrangle something sort of rest from the older woman in the future.

The sound of the door fully opening as the teen stepped in.  Hints of color to the blond’s cheeks resumed, flushing darkly when he caught his blue eyes.

“They were most likely after me,” the teen stepped further in, closing the door behind him.  “My brother and I have been targeted by them before, I just didn’t think they’d find me here.”

Shirou eyed him, scowling at the “innocent” look the blond wore before sighing and turned back to the doctor, who wore sympathetic understanding look.

“Such luck that your vacation is interrupted like this,” Shirou caught the teasing tone of the doctor’s voice and the laugh before he turned.  “I’ll contact Malory for you, so you won’t have to deal with her.  I do believe that you’re gonna be pulled into something not even Archer- well, maybe he would enjoy it.”

Another chuckle as the man made his way past the teenager, giving him a sly look before closing the door for their privacy.

Cursing his luck, Shirou gave the teen a look.

“So they were after you and not me,” a brief nod, exhaustion catching up to him, which seemed to happen as of late.

“Why don’t you explain somethings to me.  To start with, who are you?  Why, if these people were wanting to kidnap you, why bother shooting?  And why are you still here?  Shouldn’t you be home right now?”

Eyes that darted to him and away, the scent of the male’s pheromones that he must be unknowingly releasing had Shirou biting down on his cheek to keep from saying anything.  It would be best to not try to embarrass the younger madararui.

Yonekuni could feel the older male’s gaze on him as he started to fidget in place, unsure if he should take a seat or just continue to stand.  The sound of defeat from Shirou, telling him to sit on the only chair.

“I can’t go home because I’m at school abroad for this very reason.  See, my brother and I come from a very prestigious family and because of our status of being from this family and heavyweights, we’ve been targeted by kidnappers before.  My brother stayed in Japan to be closer to the family and I was chosen to go to school here,” he rolled his eyes, enjoying the fact he could vent a little while being able to explain.

“I would have preferred to go where it’s always warm, it would’ve been better on everyone,” the snort from the bandaged male, he could feel a smile cross his lips.  “Anyway, I don’t think they would have found me if I hadn’t been suspended for being caught screwing to keep warm.  They want me for breeding, kinda like what my mom does.”

“Who is your mom?”  Shirou asked, a look on his face telling him he was already dreading the answer to his question.

“Madarame Makio, which makes me Madarame Yonekuni,” Yonekuni gave Shirou a small smile before he noticed the color draining from his face and the tensing of shoulders, fingers curling around the paper lining of the bed.  “What’s wrong?”

“Madarame?  Makio?  Shit, shit, SHIT!”

The clanging of metal, the rush of a body towards a phone that lay on the counter as it started to ring and vibrate, the name of a person flashing across the touch screen as the device continued to ring.

“I really don’t want to answer that,” the groan as teeth worried a bottom lip, eyes watching the blinking screen.

The fact that the male’s voice sounded like he wanted to give up and not answer the phone, fingers swiped to answer and like a switch, professionalism took over.  A brief and one sided, almost silent, conversation before the phone was held out towards him.  While Shirou’s expression was nearly blank, eyebrows drawn down just enough to light the fight in grey eyes.

Yonekuni took the offered phone, hearing the slight accented voice of an older woman, as she congratulated him on hiring a new bodyguard.

A bodyguard that was standing across from him, something inside told him that being his bodyguard wasn’t what Shirou was expecting.